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Well it is September. The kids are at school, and there is plenty of time to read our magazine. Plenty of great articles including one on brain foods for your little student. Sure to make them perform better in school. Also, September is national obesity Month. We live in Florida, shut off the cell phone, turn off the computer and pull those ear buds from your ears. Take a walk and listen to a Cardinal. Jump in the ocean, paddle up river and show the kids a Manatee. The Zoo is a great place to go, so are the Museums, we have many great places in Palm Beach County. So when the kids get out of school, don’t take them home, take them out to our great state “Florida” Have a great September people.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog page. Cool descriptions of the Turtles who visit our beaches this time of year to lay their eggs. We even have pictures of the species who make our beaches there home. Click here and go right to it

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