Sweet Potato Broccoli Salad with Garlic-Ginger Tahini Sauce

I was tired. And I didn’t want to cook. But I wanted something super healthy and super healing. Take-out  just never seems to fit that bill. It had to be fast, easy and delicious.

Super Healthy Sweet Potato Salad with a Ginger Garlic Tahini DressingWe seem to have an over abundance of sweet potatoes around (one should always check before going shopping and buying a big bag of them) and I had a lovely bunch of broccolini. I chopped up the broccolini, lightly steamed the sweet potatoes and threw together a 4 ingredient garlic-ginger tahini sauce.

My daughter walked through the kitchen, took a bite and said, “Mom! This is incredible!” I count that as a success. I was a bit amazed at how much flavor was in this easy dish. Don’t be afraid of the raw garlic. It really makes it.

Your nutritional heavy hitters? Sweet potatoes, broccoli, garlic and fresh ginger. Sweet potatoes top the charts as far as nutrient rich per dollar.

I left the broccolini raw in this recipe but lightly steamed the sweet potatoes. You can also lightly steam the broccoli if you don’t want it raw, just make sure you cut it 20 minutes before cooking so the enzymes can start working their magic.


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