About Us

We’re Moms like you! We don’t wear suits to work or work out of big corporate offices. We simply publish a great magazine for families in the Palm Beaches. We started our small business on a wing and a prayer, selling advertising out of our homes and collecting articles from local writers and businesses. The magazine was founded because moms like you told us they wanted a magazine in Palm Beach County. One that was easy to read, had articles that pertained to them and advertisers that serviced our area.

Everyone loved it!

Today we have established ourselves as the premiere Family Magazine in the County. We hope to pass on to our readers and advertisers the same values and ethics that we instill in our children.

Our mission is to empower, educate, entertain and enlighten our readers through the articles, advertisements and information printed in our magazine, and to support our customers with quality service. We welcome your input and suggestions.

You may contact us at posie@parentingplus.com