photo-originalReview of the soon to be released “Plug Perfect” Baby and Pet Protecter for electrical Wall outlets.

 Bulwark Products has released their first-look at Plug Perfect, their NEW patented baby proofing product. The Patented design is low profile, and it provides exceptional protection for electrical outlets that are not in use, and an outlet that is utilizing power for a plug. Plug Perfect’s patented design allows it to function like no other Product on the market.

 Baby-proofing a home to protect children and pets, is one of the most important concerns of parents. This product is designed to protect both, securing a wall outlet so parents can rest easy. Wall outlets can be responsible for electrical injuries and should always be a concern.4

 So the product came to us without its store packaging and seems pretty simple to attach to the wall plate, which hides the socket innards on the inside of the wall. The first thing to do is remove the center screw on the wall plate itself. Be aware the wall plate could fall away from the wall, so hold it against the wall with your hands.

 5Next take the Plug Perfect and insert the screw into the center hole.



Then attach the Plug Perfect to the front of the wall Plate. Looks nice.




Now take one of the clips that comes with your Plug Perfect and slid it over the end of the plug you wish 7to secure and plug it in. The clip will lock into the tabs on the side and hold your plug securely. Now little
hands can’t pull the plug out and curious pets will be protected from a nasty shock.8







Look how secure that looks, and their really is no play in the plug itself. It is really secure




Little paws and little hands are kept away from the live current that can harm a child or pet.





So what do you do if there is no plug being used? Well Plug Perfect has an answer for that. Each Plug Perfect comes with two covers that clip on and are held secure to the plate with locking tabs. Little fingers would have a hard time removing the cover, and in my mind near imposable to release the tabs. I had to release the tabs with two hands and a little bit of effort. Just what I would want to protect my family.


Since fatal injuries at home are such a concern and we all want to do what we can to protect our children. We at Parenting Plus wholeheartedly endorse this product as a well made and thought out, baby proofing item for your home. Electricity is a useful and important utility in every home and for such a useful utility to harm any of my loved ones would be unthinkable.  So don’t procrastinate about covering up those outlets, just do it. And gain the peace of mind that comes when you know you have protected your family that you love so much.

image (4)Be one of the first to have this amazing product, It’s for the safety of your family.  Nothing could be better than the safety and wellbeing of your home.

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