Look what we got at Parenting Plus, Viki’s Granola. The first thing I noticed was the incredible selection of Flavors. “Original” Granola  takes rolled oats, organic honey and adds a touch of almonds and pecans for a flavor-packed ride. It is simply, the best tasting, good-for-you granola. Then there’s “Blueberry Almond” Bursting with a flavorful blend of antioxidant-rich blueberries and protein-packed almonds, Viki’s Blueberry Almond Granola certainly won’t leave you feeling blue, unless you’ve finished the bag, that is. “Maple Cranberry” full of Cranberries, walnuts and maple, oh my! Each bite of Viki’s Maple Cranberry Granola is packed with Omega-3 goodness image (3)and a punch of dried cranberries. To create this tangy treat, Viki took her signature blend of gluten-free oats, organic honey and coconut, added dried cranberries, and drizzled with pure maple syrup for the perfect touch of natural sweetness. “Banana Walnut” is one of the newest additions to Viki’s line of delicious signature soft-baked granola. Viki has captured the essence of warm, freshly baked banana bread and packed it into her newest flavor of granola! Viki added banana chip bunches and walnuts to her signature mix of gluten-free oats, organic honey and coconut to create a delicious granola that you are sure to go nuts over. “Apple Cinnamon” another new additions to Viki’s line of delicious signature soft-baked granola. Imagine all of the flavors of a homemade apple pie, transformed into a wholesome snack! Pair this classic flavor profile with your favorite vanilla yogurt or ice cream for a truly indulgent treat, you won’t regret it. Two different size packages. A 1.5 ounce lunch box treat size and a 12 ounce package suitable for a bowl full for breakfast. We at Parenting Plus got the small package and I would recommend the large since the product inside is awfully tasty. In Palm Beach County there is only one place that carries Viki’s image (1)Granola but I would bet that will change. That one place is Nutrition World located at 2401 Pga Blvd #136, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. But for those of us that are not
close by and would love to try this nutritious treat, you can order online from their webpage There are also some very tasty recipes that we highly recomend. Check out their webpage and place an order or get over to Nutrition World and pick up a few bags.