Social Media And Effects on Educational Standards

Social Media as a group of internet based application that allows the creation and exchange of user generated content. Social media sites are: Facebook, 2go, Blackberry  TWITTER, Whatsapp, Friendster, MySpace and many others.

The Social Media and the Education sector have now become two great enemies. An old saying says “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Most students dwell on this saying and they neglect their studies, there is not even a scheduled time for the social media activities. Hence, I will also say that “all play no work makes jack a stupid boy”

According to the research conducted by, Len Hart, Purcell, Smith and Zickuhr in 2010, indicates that 47% of American adults use social network. A national survey in 2009 found that 37% of online teenagers use social media sites which increased to 55% three years later. According to the survey in 2009, it is worthy to note that the rate at which teenagers, especially students access the social media without caution is alarming. From 2009 to 2010 there is a 16% increase in the use of the social media by students. How much time do these students have to focus on their studies, when most of their time is spent on Social Media activities?

There is already a division between Education and Social Media because most students now spend their time on social media activities which reduce the concentration and dedication they have for their studies, they forget their first assignment.

As of July 1999, 205 countries had at least one connection to internet. Estimate of the number of people on the internet seem to range between 50 and 80 million worldwide.(Retrieved from www.convince&

It is obvious that Social Media has now become an integral part of students activities, in as it constitutes a major part of their livelihood. As useful as Social Media is; students still abuse the use of it. From the studies, it is revealed that students spend a lot of time on the Social Media which causes a divided attention between their academics and social life thereby resulting in neglect to their Studies

It is true that the existence of man now depends on the availability and accessibility to information and communication. Social Media will be of immense help when students learn when to shut it down.

BIO: Ikulajolu Adesola  is a young writer and avid reader who loves delivering information and knowledge with Creativity and Originality alongside Timeliness and accuracy. He is devoted to freelance writing and researching. He has been featured in other magazines and sites.


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