When Netflix’s popular “13 Reasons Why” series about a teen suicide prompted the Palm Beach County School District Superintendent to send a warning letter to parents on its negative impact, Stand UP Foundation’s teens were inspired and have launched a positive campaign – #13ReasonsWhy#WeStandUP for Social and Emotional Health.

Timed to coincide and work with the Great Give Palm Beach & Martin Counties online fundraising campaign on May 17, 2017, Stand UP Foundation teens are bringing awareness to programs they already have in place that address adolescent social and emotional wellness topics and provide ways to keep healthy teens healthy and resources for and support to those struggling.

“Our teens put together 13 Videos, 13 Blogs and 13+ Resources to share their story why an organization like Stand UP is so critical to continue to thrive,” said Ashley Le Grange, a licensed mental health therapist who founded and directs the nonprofit organization Stand UP Foundation. “Watching the Netflix series may leave you asking well now what? This “catalyst for conversation” can be good but we go beyond shock and talk to promoting prevention, teaching leadership skills, mentoring and building connections and collaboration among teens and the community.”

“When you see Royals Prince William and Princess Kate, our own First Lady Melania Trump and pop icons like Demi Lovato all pushing for taking the stigma away from different aspects of social and emotional health conditions and assuring people that asking for help is OK, you know our culture and communities need to change,” added Le Grange. “SUF’s programs teach high school students to be leaders, peer advisers and mentors to middle school students and stress prevention, responsibility and resiliency. By starting to work with middle school students today, we hope to make their lives happier now and later and help avoid the current problem we are now seeing at our state colleges that have long waiting lists for students who want to see campus counselors because they are struggling adjusting.”

Stand UP Foundation has organized conferences, awareness walks, retreats and camps addressing topics such as suicide prevention, bullying, eating disorders, healthy highs, and stress management. This summer Stand UP with Camp H2O partners SUF with Blue Line Surf and Paddle Co. to provide healthy water-based physical exercises in combination with themed social and emotional growth topic activities. The camp is for ages 6-14. High school students interested in training to become volunteer counselors and receive community service hours are encouraged to attend an information meeting with their parents on May 22, 5:30pm at the Stand UP Foundation office. Register at or call (772) 263-3974.

Although the Great Give Palm Beach and Martin Counties 24-hour online fundraising event doesn’t begin until midnight on May 17, donors interested in supporting Stand UP Foundation may make a pledge now as well as view the 13 Videos, 13 Blogs and 13+ Resources at Donors will be directed on May 17 to give at the official Great Give website at . Stand UP Foundation will also have an information table at the Great Give CityPlace Takeover from 10am-9pm on May 17 at the CityPlace plaza in West Palm Beach.

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(back row left to right: Mason Adams, Charles Brenner, Mark Hanna, Jeremy Loomis, Boys Director, Cameron Hanna; front row left to right: Owen Blackwell, Clara Sullivan, Brianne Jordan, Lindsay Kehl, Haley Rothman) Teen leaders from Stand UP Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing prevention, leadership and mentoring programs, are fundraising with the Great Give Palm Beach and Martin Counties on May 17 online and at CityPlace plaza in West Palm Beach. and

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