Tips For Cleaning Hockey Equipment

The Quincy High team unwinds after a practice as their gear airs out.

Tips For Cleaning Hockey Equipment

Parents have a hard enough time with all the other tasks they have in their lives. When a child participates in sports, it opens up a whole new set of responsibilities on both ends. One of those responsibilities comes in the form of laundry.

A lot of effort is put into the game of hockey. With that effort comes an increase in laundry and, in result, an increase in smell.

Taking care of your youth hockey player starts with taking care of their gear. It is important to wash gear so that you decrease the risk of infection. Gloves, in particular, should be washed every few days but drying the gear is simpler than you might think. Simply hang gear on a clothesline. Old fashioned, right?

Removing the soles of skates is another trick to proper drying and decreases the chance of infection. Compression products are recommended for bacteria prevention since they help soak up moisture.

Another way to control stench is through the purchase of new gear. All gear has a lifespan, and you don’t want to keep gear too long. If you start seeing mold or mildew forming on your son or daughter’s pads, it’s time for a change. Sticks break (and therefore are replaced) frequently, but the upgrade of other equipment tends to be overlooked.

Now that the equipment is clean or brand new, it is time to clean the hockey players them self. Make sure kids and teens clean themselves extensively to rehydrate skin and stay smelling fresh.

Even youth hockey players are right in the middle of the fight on smell. But don’t take my word for it … below is a complete guide by Pro Stock Hockey — with information from NHL trainers and staff — on how hockey players can defend against stench. For more info on stink Parent’s Guide To Hockey Equipment

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